An Alien Halloween
© By Gary L Morton
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October 31st.

Welcome to the future and CBC Toronto's new Live Satellite Eye on the city. Greg Manson reporting. For those viewers whose power has just been restored, the scene we are studying now is the city Emergency Command Centre on University Avenue.

The crowd we're zooming in on is in blowing leaves out front and as you see it is composed of reporters, city officials and concerned citizens. We see chief of police Sam Reba and Sandra Weatherton of the University of Toronto astronomy faculty at the fringe near the steps. Though they seem to be frowning into the wind, a tip that just came in here at Live Satellite Eye might be cause for them to smile. Our sources say that command team leader Jenson Sing is about to emerge and announce that the power outages are ending and we are on track for an alien-free future.

. . . and now the big doors are opening. Jenson Sing is poking his head out. Wait a second. He's being forced out. Someone has hold of his shoulder and he's struggling . . . slipping . . . somebody has thrown him out on the dusty steps . . . he's going down, and he appears to have injured his back in the fall.

Police Chief Reba is rushing to him  . . . alien terrorists . . . Live Satellite Eye is now reporting that alien terrorists may have seized the Emergency Command Centre in Toronto.

Hold it - the doors have been thrown open wide. I can't see anything there in the dark. Damn, look at that expression of terror on Jenson Sing's face. Reba has drawn a gun from under his jacket, and we can see something stepping out of the building.

My God! What is that thing! If I didnít know better Iíd call it a Halloween hoax? It looks like some kind of half human and half amphibian monster. And it appears to be roaring like one, too. Is that smoke or steam shooting from its nose membranes? Isnít it the same sort of monster they reported everywhere just before New York went silent?

It's getting violent down there . . . Reba's firing shots at him or it . . . and the bullets aren't even scratching the thing. Itís like it eats bullets for breakfast.

Our man on the ground is now reporting that this thing is an alien terrorist wearing some sort of protective suit. In spite of that it sure looks like a real monster -- and it's crouching now. Perhaps Reba wounded it. No, it's leaping. Unbelievable - it just used its skin flaps like wings of some type and soared twelve meters into the air.

It's got Reba and it's throwing him down. People are running, panicked, in all directions. That horrible slimy thing is tearing at police chief Reba with some kind of knotted claws. It's ripping his uniform open . . . blood is seeping out. Man, was that a vicious punch to the breadbasket. Damn, I think I'm going to be sick. I canít stand reporting this stuff via live satellite. Nate, can't you patch out this segment with a floating lens smear?  --- What? You can't  . . . some sort of bug in the satellite feed. Oh no, why does the only lasting glitch have to be with our equipment?


This is Greg Manson and CBC Toronto's new Live Satellite Eye reporting from high above the Emergency Command Centre. Power has been restored but the alien tech bug has now also become the alien monster that murdered our police chief.

And this is no guy in a Halloween costume. A hail of police bullets has failed to stop this alien terrorist creature and it has taken command team leader Jenson Sing hostage . . . holding him in a bus shelter. We are focusing on medical personnel as they reach Police Chief Rebaís body. It looks like they are preparing to move his remains.

Just down the road, we see a fleet of police cruisers blocking the monster's path to the north.

Our man on the ground reports that there are questions as to what this thing really is . . . police experts are saying itís a terrorist wearing a special suit, while those whoíve seen it close up swear itís a monster and probably an alien. For those who can't see it clearly it appears to be part amphibian, humanoid in form and seven feet tall, with deadly claws on its webbed hands and feet, and fangs in its broad facial orifice. This thing is said to stink like the living dead. Judging from what it did to the police chief our guess at Live Satellite Eye is that it is a monster of some type. Not necessarily an alien, perhaps something genetically engineered. One report that came in from an RCMP informant is that a secret experiment at a University of Toronto genetics laboratory may have created it. Those in the worldwide alien conspiracy camp say a malfunction at SETI led to contact with hostile aliens and they have beamed directly to Earth. Considering that New York is gone, their argument is a credible one.

Holy shit, it's smashed out the side of the bus shelter with one blow, and it's dragging a terrified Sing with it as it heads for an alley. The police can't fire on it due to the hostage so they're letting it move ahead.

We've got a shot of the far end of the alley now and there appear to be a few members of the emergency task force already in place -- waiting for it to emerge. Nothing but shadow is showing in the alley mouth. They're hitting the area with spotlights.

There it is - it's dropping Sing and roaring - spitting out green-tinted steam. Guess it doesn't like being in the spotlight. It's moving, running, charging . . . the task force men are backing up. The lead cop is lobbing something. Looks like a grenade or stun bomb.

A direct hit and the flash explosion has knocked the thing ten meters in the air. Sheer force has thrown it against a brick wall. It's going down, down . . . and damn, it's getting up.


This is Greg Manson and CBC Toronto's new Live Satellite Eye reporting from City Hall where the alien monster is now running berserk. The police chief and seven members of the emergency task force are dead, and emergency command team leader Jenson Sing appears to be almost dead as the thing continues to drag him across the city.

We now know the creature is not a human wearing a special suit. The question is whether it is an alien being or some kind of genetic monster. It does not appear to be of high intelligence, but its path across town to city hall could indicate that it is looking for the centre of government, perhaps to make demands of some sort.

Below we see a convoy of police cars following it . . . and a group of costumed Halloween partiers joining it as it makes its way into the adjacent square. An advance team of police officers has already cleared children from the area and the creature now appears to be ignoring the government offices and heading over with the partiers to the main square.

Police are moving into the area to surround it now and it has halted . . . we can see it looking around at approaching police . . . some kind of yellow light brightening in its large eyes.

The glow is now enveloping its entire body. The force appears to be weakening it . . . the thing is slipping to its knees. Yuck, it's vomiting and the repulsive green liquid is spilling like a flood.

Wait, the glow is expanding . . . a sphere of transparent light is now surrounding the creature . . . and the liquid isn't vomit, but some kind of alien thing.

The partiers have moved away and the police have opened fire now, but the bullets aren't getting through. One task force member is moving up to the force field. He's touching it . . . and an explosion has thrown him back.

Gross . . . unholy, that thing has turned the copís body into pumpkin mush and disappeared. Jeeze, why can't we filter out these scenes?

So I guess that puts an end to most theories. We now know that the alien terrorist has no apparent motive other than to kill.

Here's something just in -- we have a report from our geographical information system. It has traced the creature's strange path around the city and is projecting its target destination. That destination appears to be . . . my God! That monster is headed for us at the Live Satellite Eye building!


This is Greg Manson and CBC Toronto's new Live Satellite Eye reporting. The alien monster has now arrived out front of the building, and against all advice reporter Jack Livingston and a camera crew are going out to try and communicate with it. Their belief and I think it is a mistaken belief, is that the creature is an alien being and wants to make some sort of statement.

Jeeze, I can't believe it. The thing is waiting there under the theatre marquee across the road and Livingston is walking up to it like he is going to interview the mayor.

Damn. Nate. Can't you fix that sound feed? We can't hear what Livingston is saying. Wait, here it is.

ď. . . can you tell us why your kind has come here to Earth?Ē

ď Yeet Ö krevicth Ö Our eyes watch. . . yours are watching. YeetÖ. ď

Oh no! It's got Livingston! and it's . . . . . . . . . . . . 


This is Greg Manson and CBC Toronto's new Live Satellite Eye reporting on behalf of the revolting aliens now controlling our planet Ė Happy Halloween, People of Earth, surrender now, Yeet. Watching. Krevich orch. . . . kritvetch -ict . . . .